Thursday, August 28, 2008


For the past 4 weeks we have been watching the best of the best compete in the Olympics much like the rest of the world sooo.... Hopefully, you find this as funny as I do! I was putting Madeline to bed the other night as she said "No mommy, I want to watch seseme street!" Of course I told her they were sleeping too. Then she says "Mommy, I just want to watch TV." Again I tell her its "night, night." Finally she says "Fine, I will just watch the Olympsticks."

HAHAA!! I start laughing! I have lost hours of sleep watching the olympics, so I found the humor in that.

Tonight, I flip on the news at 10 just to catch the end of the Democratic Party Convention. Madeline's response, "Is this the Olympsticks?" I have to laugh again! She says, "oohhh" and lays her head back down. I guess it must have been the fireworks.


I would love to post a recent picture of my really cute kids or my giant dogs, but I cant! I lost our camera! I had it in the diaper bag on sunday when I dropped to girls off at church and havent seen it since. :( Hopefully, It just fell out and someone found it.

Above, I think this was in June Before Madeline got her teeth. She went down the slide and looked like this when she was getting off!!! HAHAHAAaaa