Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Yesterday was my dads birthday!! 60!! I cant believe it. I cant imagine what my dad must have felt like 24 1/2 years ago on his birthday. He must have felt every emotion possible... scared, excited, anxious, etc. For his birthday he recieved 2 baby girls! Twins, just 18 months old. He and my mom only had 3 days to prepare for this birthday party! They were called by DHS and were told "we have twin girls ready for adoption, would you like them?" Of course their answer was yes, after years of being unable to concieve. The DHS worker said ok, they are yours, in 3 days, August 18, my dads birthday.

So every year we celebrate my dads birthday and our adoption birthday together. Of course its not about gifts, its about being thankful for each other.


This pic is from Wednesday night.... my papa showed up for a suprise visit, but it got all of us together!

I got out of just duty this week! BUT, I have to serve in January NO EXCEPTIONS! Ugh.... hopefully I get a good trial! (and can find daycare for a week)

Today was my first day of teaching at my new job and their first day of school! I was udder craziness at first, but once the kids got settled it went a little smoother! I have one girl in my class that was recently adopted from Guatamala. She is precious! I felt terrible because she cried for 2 1/2 hours straight. We called her mom, she informed us of Analise being a little untrusting at first. I think that is totally understandable. By the end of the day, she was playing and smiling, she even gave me a kiss! It made the terrible morning worth every crying minute! :)


Jamie said...

That's such a special story! Happy Bday :)