Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Its been so cold! Brrrrr! If you know me you know I hate cold weather! I wish I could hibernate all winter. Cold weather is not motivating to me. I would rather lay in a warm bed till all hours of the day, than face the cold.

Josh turned 28 on Monday. The girls and I took him lunch to work and ate with him. Then we went and Madeline picked out a birthday cake for him. Baskin Robbins ice cream cake!!! YUMM. Although, his favorite cake in german chocolate, none of us like it. Then we came come home, I cooked dinner and we had cake! A small little birthday party for him. Madeline sang happy birthday all night long. It was perfect. I guess you might be wondering what we got him for his birthday... well he recieved his gift about a month ago. He got new golf clubs, and bag.

Tomorrow is our 4 year anniversary! Its been a fast 4 years! 2 kids, 4 dogs (2 of which only lasted a few days), 1 house, 6 cars, and hours of lost sleep! But I tell you, I wouldnt have it any other way. There is no one else I would rather spend my life with than Josh. Sure, Josh and I have had our seasons of good and not so good, but its perfect!

Josh finally finished his resume! He posted it on monday night, and had 2 calls on tuesday. Hopefully God will open some doors for Josh to get the right job for the family!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Perfect fall day!

The weather was AMAZING today! The high was around 80 with a cool breeze, we had to be outside!

So I took, what will probably be the last for a while, opprotunity to take the girls to the zoo. It was by far the best trip we have had yet! Not alot of people were there, and we went backwards through the zoo, because I wanted Madeline to see what she is usually to tired to see.
Because the weather was so great, we saw alot of the animals. The baby chimps were expecially playful today, they would jump off the glass making Madi laugh sooo hard. Cait loved it so much, except when the baby chimp was about 2 inches from her face... she said "no, no, no." It was so cute. If you put your hand on the glass, they would put their had over yours. We had a great time. Here are a few of our pics! The pumpkin and hay bails were left over from HalloZOOween.

kid stuff

What is it about Halloween that makes you feel like a kid again? Maybe its the costumes and the candy.
The girls had so much fun trick or treating! Madeline wasnt scared of anything, she just kept reassuring her self the whole night, " mom, its just pretend." Cait couldnt wait to go up to the doors and say " tee-teet." It was absolutely adorable! For the past 2 years we head down to a neighborhood in Mid-town, everyhouse seems to be envolved and decked out! The candy is ok, but the atmosphere is amazing!! There are about 100-200 kids walking all around, it reminds me of being little. :)
At the end of the night, Madeline looks at me and says, "mommy, will you carry my basket, its to heavy" I laugh and tell her its time to head home. BUT not before a pit stop at my moms house. My mom made her day, she gave her the new Tinkerbell movie! Madeline was so excited. She has been begging me for it! With Christmas around the corner, I was telling her to wait, so you could imagine her excitement! She stayed up until midnight with very heavy eyes to watch the whole thing!
Above: We were at my moms house, with Kaden and Amanda
Josh and I attended a costume party on saturday night. It was a good time. I love dressing up, and we take it pretty seriously!
I hope everyone had as much fun as we did for halloween! :)