Sunday, August 24, 2008

You can call me Speedy!

What a week! Monday, I had jury duty! It was terrible for the 2 hours I was there, I was standing in line with about 300 other people, then forced to sit in a stuffy basement. Then an announcement!!! "If there is any reason you can not perform jury duty at this time, please go to room 314 on the 3rd floor." I was excited and was nearly the first one out the door. So I see a judge, "why cant you do your jury duty?" he asked. So I reply in a sweet voice, "Well I am a stay at home mom and cant find a sitter for an entire week." He says, "your jury date will be postponed 6 month, that should be attiquite time to get your childcare situated." So they ship me off to a different room to decide on a new date. January 12! Needless to say, I am looking for a sitter for the week. :( But my sister was in town to watch my girls for the day, so we got to hang out for a while once I left the courthouse.

Tuesday, started a new job. :) I like it. (MDO teacher for 1yr olds)

Wednesday, Work for my mom from 9-5 then Josh and I are "moms and pops" of a youth community group from 6:30-8. It went much better than I expected. The kids are great!

Thursday, back to work with the kiddos. Then back to help my mom for a few hours, then we went to Utica Square for "summers fifth night"

FRIDAY... a day of much needed rest. The girls and I slept in till 10, then Josh scheduled me a massage, then I came home rested, showered, then we went out to dinner! It was a good day....... OTHER than the speeding ticket I earned on the way home from the massage! So I was trying to hurry home because I knew josh needed to get back to work. He had an appt at 12:30. Well guess what, I sat up from my massage at 12:30! AHHH!! So I was racing, literally, home and I come up over a hill and see the cop! I start slowing down and sure enough, she flips her lights on!

She come to my window and says "Do you know why I pulled you over?" I love this question. I mean really??? Like I didnt know I was speeding! Not to mention now I am going to be even later!!!!!!!!! So I say, "Yes, I was speeding, but I dont know how fast I was going." She informed me that my speed was 55 IN A 40!!!! ughhhhh.... I didnt even know they still had 40 as a speed limit. She was nice enough to write my ticket for 9 over, so it doesnt hit my driving record or insurance. :)

So I am racing home again, as fast as the law allows! I walk in the door, its almost 1! Josh says to me nicely ;) "what? did you forget?" Just as I am about to explain, he looks at my hand, see the pink slip, Yells and storms out!!! At this point I am thinking... thanks for the massage, but I am no longer relaxed!

He called back an hour later said that he wasnt mad anymore and that he should just expect it from me since IT WAS MY 4TH TICKET THIS YEAR!!!! He said he was more worried about me since he couldnt get ahold of me... and he was running late.

Hahaa... what a week.

Today is sunday, we spent all of the morning at church. We are headed back in just about 30 min so I need to get all of us girls ready.

Hopefully we will be in a routine soon!

Above is a picture that makes me laugh everytime I see it! It was taken when I was 6 months prenant with Cait, we were on a cruise to the Bahamas and we wanted to take a picture by the rails to prove that we were in the middle of nowhere.... much to my suprise, its windy next to the rails... but not really anywhere else!! Hahaaaa.. it was so funny! The picture turned out perfect!!!


the Tunnell Family said...

That picture also makes me laugh everytime I see it! I should keep a copy of that somewhere just incase i should need a laugh at any given moment!

love you!