Monday, August 4, 2008


I can't believe its so HOTTTTTT!!!! I feel like I am in a constant sweat. We dont even go swimming much anymore because it just isn't refreshing.

So, Josh was outside doing yardwork the other day, as you could imagine, I was delighted when Madi wanted to go out and play. I sacked up and took the girls outside to play despite the heat. Well to my luck, the sprinkler was on, although I had my clothes on, I didnt mind the water at all. And, I got a few cute pics! Cait wanted to eat the sidewalk chalk, while Madi found it more entertaining to chase Cait with tree limbs...

OH! I have jury duty! HOW THE HECK DID THIS HAPPEN! Anyway, its August 18, my dads birthday and my adoption birthday! What Luck! I guess I need to start looking for a babysitter!

Our friends, Kelli and Shane, had their house warming party over the weekend. Its was a much needed adult night. We had alot of fun, and their house is BEAUTIFUL. I could never imagine living in a house so nice... but Josh asures me that we will.

Guess thats it for now! I am staying inside!