Saturday, March 14, 2009


Well I am finally sitting down to update my blog! The past few months have been pretty eventful! We found out about 3 weeks ago that we are going to be moving. Josh got a promotion with his job and we are relocating to Oklahoma City. We will actually be living in Edmond, and his office will be in the city. He will have about a 30 min commute everyday, but I think it will be worth living in Edmond. We are sad to leave all of our friends and family here, but are excited to see what this next chapter will bring in our lives. 

Josh is now a college graduate! We are all so very proud of him. We really enjoyed spending time with all our family! CONGRATS JOSH!
I cant believe the girls are growing so fast! They are almost 2 and 4!! Time sure has flown by! Cait is now talking, a lot!! She will repeat anything you say, and is using sentences! Madeline is learning so much, using a pencil, writing her name!! Unbelievable! 
We did catch the flu bug that was going around! We all had it except for Josh! Lucky him, we were all pretty worthless for about 2 weeks. 

We are trying to sell our house, its been on the market for a week now. But the past few weeks have been hours and hours of cleaning and painting... unfortunately there is still more painting to do.

We have had a few trips to OKC, to check things out. I was happy to find out they have an In The Raw there. Its my favorite place to have sushi here! Josh's company paid for us to stay the night there, we really enjoyed ourselves and getting to know the town a little better.
It is now spring break, and I am looking forward to the week. The weather looks as if its going to be pretty warm! It will be a week filled with trips to the park and the zoo! At the end of this month I will no longer be working at the Mothers Day Out or teaching the youth at our church. I am not looking forward to packing and such. 

Hopefully this time it wont take me 2 months to update my blog! Enjoy the pics!