Friday, October 17, 2008


As most of you know I cant handle blood very well, especially from my own children. But, today I was forced to "handle" it.
I was at my moms work helping out, Madeline and Cait were feeling restless, so I decided it was time to go. I preceed to take a quick pit stop in the bathroom just before I hear "thud....cry." I rush over to see what happen. I pick Cait up and blood is gushing out of her head. She is upset and smearing it all over her face. I panic. I cry. I panic. Then, I rushed to get Madeline in the car. Cait couldnt sit up without her head bleeding, so my mom held her the whole way to the UrgentCare. Thank God she was with me. I was a mess. Cait was sobbing. Madeline was asking a lot of questions.
Cait cried the whole time! Yvonne, my mother-in-law, saved the day. She held Cait firmly while the doctor was sewing her up. 5 STICHES!! My mom held my hand! WHEW! She hit her head just above her right eyebrow. :(
So its all finally over, Cait isnt crying anymore because she is numb. The the doctor starts talking about scars! UGH!! I didnt even think of that.
Madeline was on a walk with her papa the whole time. They got cookies and milk. Perfect!
We are home now. Everyone seems fine for the moment. :)
On a lighter note, Madeline got her first haircut!! I know what you are thinking "shouldnt she have had one by now?" Well the answer is no. Because of her tramatic birth, she has had a very hard time growing hair. They suctioned her head 3 times resulting in a lot of damage. Anyway, Her hair is super cute. I will post pics later tonight.

Above: Cait after alot of crying, sweating, and pain! Bless her heart. It was a rough day.

Above: Cait vs Ravioli! haha! :)