Friday, July 25, 2008

Teeth, Tahlequah, & Texas...

The past month has been a little crazy! Madeline FINALLY got her new teeth! I have to admit they look real! Really, they do... other than the super bright white color, you would never know. I knew they would be really white at first, but the dentist said they would fade... so i would perfer to have really white teeth than brown teeth in another year.

We went to Tahlequah and spent 3 days with my sister. The kids had alot of fun playing together and Madi loves her Aunt Mandi! It was nice to spend some time with them.

We also went to see my Aunt and her family in Texas. It was Jakes 5th birthday! What fun! Jake and Madi played so good together. We went for a swim on saturday before the party, where Jake learned how to swim! What a milestone!!! We were so proud of him! Then we headed off to his birthday party. His party was at a inflatables place. Madi was nervous at first but after she warmed up, we couldnt keep up with her. Josh played video games the entire time. He deserved it, he works so hard, a little play time was very needed! The party was a hit!

Tamera, a dear friend of mine, has been in and out of town this past month! We love when they come to visit! She has 2 kiddos close to the same age as Madi and Cait. (we wish they would move back here).
Josh bought me a used car while I was in Galveston! I loved it. I was excited to not have to spend all the money in gas anymore (had 02 Expedition), and it was so cute! Its and 05 pearl white Nissan Altima. Did I mention that I love Altimas! I had and 2000 Altima when Josh and I first got married, it never had one problem. It was a perfect car for me b/c it didnt need any work, just change the oil, and it was great!

So we were on our way to the lake over 4th of July weekend and the service engine soon light comes on... Josh looked out the back window and there was smoke coming out of the car! We pull over immediatly to notice there is transmission fluid everywhere! So we have it towed back to the dealership we bought it from. We get the car back a week and a half later, the transmission failed! OMGosh! That seems very dangerous. 2 days after I pick the car up, the service engine soon light came on AGAIN! After 4 days in the shop, we got it back. GET THIS, its 2 days later and josh just called me, he is on his way back to the dealership b/c that damn light came on again!!! I AM PISSED. Josh is going to try and trade it for a camry.

On a better note, I have been looking at Disneyland web page. I am so excited about going. I dont know who will love it more, Madi or myself!? WE are looking foward to spending time with our family and are counting down the days.