Monday, June 23, 2008

Pocket full of Sunshine

We had the most wonderful week at the beach.

Madeline has been to the beach before but has no recollection of it. Needless to say Madi LOVED every second of it. Although, she was a little hessitant at first, once she got in the water I couldn't keep her out! Even to the point of me running out to rescue her after trying to save her ball that floated out to the ocean. Although, my heart was in my throat at the thought of her getting to deep and me not being able to save her, I raced out and drug her and intertube back to more shallow water. Madi was so concerned about the ball she didnt realize that she had floated that far out and could be in danger. Thank goodness for innocence! Cait is fearless! The second I put her feet on the ground she raced for the ocean. She is a water baby. She loved digging in the sand, and well, eating it too! I couldnt keep it out of her mouth, so I tried to keep a binky in her mouth as much as possible. She would wear herself out after just an hour or two. She was our beach sleeper!
We really enjoyed our time with my Aunt Cristi and her son Jake. Since they live 4 hours away we only get to see them a few times a year. So this trip was perfect for us. (thank you for the invite) We stayed up one night till 2:30 playing a mean game on UNO! It was so fun. I hadnt laughed so much in a long time!

Jake, he is like a sour patch kid. He has such a sweet heart, but likes to test the limits. But, what almost 5 year old little boy doesn't? Jake and Madeline have the typical brother/sister relationship. Though the fighing got on our nerves the belly laughs and smiles seemed to make things better.
We are finally back into a routine. Bed at 9, wake up at 9! Cait was our little rooster everyday we were there. As soon as the sun was up, so was she. 6:16 to be exact. I am thankful I didnt get pillows or anything within arms reach thrown at me, when she would wake up so early. We saw crabs, gathered sea shells, rode on a ferry, and even saw dolphins! Who knew a trip to Galveston Beach would be so amazing! The water was CLEAR and the sand was white. We cant wait to return, and next time... we will take our husbands!


Cristi said...

I love your blog! Great job! The pictures of the girls are so beautiful, I think I will be requesting a LARGE one :) Love you, so glad you came to Galveston with us....can't wait to see you again.