Monday, June 23, 2008

All I want for Christmas is my 2 front teeth...

Some of you are probably wondering where the process is of Madeline's teeth. Well, we go in tomorrow morning at 7:30 for premed, then they will take to impression for Madelines fake teeth. We will then have to wait 2 more weeks for them to make the teeth ready to be put in.
These days to the dentist are pretty hard on me, b/c the meds they have to give her make her upset. (this is our 3rd visit)
If you have no idea what I am talking about read below, I copied and pasted it from my myspace.

Worst day of my life so far!
So, I pick up Madeline from school on tuesday. We get in the car and are on our way home. Madi keeps saying "my teeth hurt and my lip hurts." So I just figure she bumped something and bit her lip. We finally she says it so many times, I get to a stop light and tell her to show me her teeth. OMG!!! Her front tooth is shattered!! You can imagine my disbelief! I turn around and race my 11mpg vehicle back to her school. I was ticked! So in the nicest way I could at that point, I marched in there and asked why I was not informed and why no one seemed to know about it! UGH!
We left the school and went straight to see my mom, she used to be a dental heigenist, to see what I should do. We went straight to the dentist office, and to my luck, the dentist was GONE! UGH! So they told her not to suck her fingers and made her an appt for 7:30 wednesday morning. It was a long night!
We show up bright and early at the dentist office, they take and x-ray, and the dentist comes in. He looks at her tooth for a minute, then looks at me and shaked his head. "We cant save it, it has to be pulled" I immeadiatly become sick to my stomach and fight back the tears. So, he refers us to a pediatric oral surgen. We get his only opening! We arrived at 10 for anestethia (and the doctor looks at the x-ray and says "I can save it.") Her appt is was at 11! Well by 11:15 she is still acting her normal self and not even a bit sleepy! We go back and they thought the nitrous would put her out... it didnt. So the doctor is poking at her tooth and looks at me and says "this didnt show up on the x-ray, its in 4 pieces, we have to take it out." UGH! Now I am sick and fighting back more tears! I have never seen her bleed so much! She must have been so scared! The WORST feeling in the world is not to be able so help your own child! I was simply helpless! I just held her hand while he pulled what was left of her tooth out with plyers! It just seemed so barbaric! ( i think i spelled that wrong)
So now her front tooth is GONE!! Then he tells me that it is very important at her age to have front teeth! OF COURSE IT IS!! Mainly for her speech to continue to develop and her other teeth to maintain placement. So now she has to have her other front tooth pulled and have 2 fake teeth put in!! OMGosh! Now we are talking some money! But they swear that they look real and no one would know the difference.
Bless her heart, she just doesnt know to be upset, and I am greatful for that!
I know that there are much worse things that happen in life, and this is just a speed bump, but we are pretty bummed about it.